Collection « Managing a Co-operative »


Our ambition, with the production of this collection of handbooks, is to offer to cooperatives' elected members and managers a first set of reference tools on cooperative management conceived from the cooperative difference and not as a mirror of dominant practices and models of management.

The handbook, Managing the Democratic Process in a Co-operative - The Canadian Way, focuses on what is still a weak point of co-operatives, of whatever kind: skill in democratic operations on the part of managers and elected officers. Not because they are lacking the capacity or the will to learn, quite the opposite! But because they have often not had the opportunity to learn or had available a handbook of this kind in order to appreciate the full significance of sitting on board or specialized committees of a co-operative enterprise. This handbook is for those tens of thousands of elected officers of the various co-operative movements. We trust that it will encourage them and provide them with the minimum necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to succeed in an alternative way. (Abstracts)

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ORION’s Handbooks in French and in Spanish


Collection « Gestion d'une coopérative »

Gérer la vie démocratique d’une coopérative, #1. (Abstracts in French)

Gérer le développement d’une coopérative, #2. (Abstracts in French)

Valoriser le potentiel humain d’une coopérative, #3. (Abstracts in French)

Colección « Gestión de una cooperativa »,

Manejar la vida democrática de una cooperativa, #1. (Abstracts in Spanish)

Manejar el desarrollo de una cooperativa, #2. (Abstracts in Spanish)

The spanish translation will be made with the partnership of the Société de coopération pour le développement international (SOCODEVI, Quebec, Canada) and of the Institut de recherche et d’éducation pour les coopératives et les mutuelles, (IRECUS, Faculté d’administration, Université de Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada).

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