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Since 1986, the ORION’s team offers applied research, formation and consulting services in a restricted number of niches around concrete answers to sustainable development’s challenges, in particular :

  • co-operatives management;

  • entrepreneurship and local development;

  • democratic and participative management.

Our clients come from associations, co-operatives, private companies, public or parapublic organizations with regional, provincial, national or international vocation.

ORION gather a team of professionals with complementary skills. These skills are in :

  • adults training;

  • team’s management;

  • drafting of teaching and didactic documents;

  • management’s counsels for co-operatives and non-profits organizations (diagnosis, strategic planning, development of human resources);

  • applied social research.

All team’s members at least got one master’s degree and take part since many years in various experiments of co-operative entrepreneurship and local, regional and co-operative development. Some taught and still teach at university in particular in the field of management and development of co-operatives.

Our services

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