in the USA

Agricultural co-operatives

Dairy Farmers of America

Land O'Lakes


National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

Growmark, agricultural co-ops network

Assumption Cooperative Grain Company

Comark, Arkansas

Blue Diamond, California

Diamond of California, California

Calavo, California

Sun Maid Growers, California

Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida

Countrymark Co-op, Indiana

Producers Livestock Marketing Association & Credit Corporation, Iowa

United Farmers Coop, Iowa

Farmers Elevator Cooperative, Iowa

Farmland, Kansas

Garden City Coop, Kansas

Cooperative elevator, Michigan

Country Spring Farmers Co-op, Ohio

Cenexharvest States, Oregon

Wilco Farmers, Oregon

Plains Cotton Cooperative Association, Texas

IFA, Intermountain Farmers, Utah

Rockingham Cooperative, Virginia

Co-op Country Partners, Wisconsin

Consumers co-operatives

Cooperative Grocers' Information Network (CGIN)

PEOPLink: Shop for fairly traded crafts and works of art from around the world, Maryland

Tucson Cooperative Warehouse, Arizona

North Coast Cooperative, Food co-op, California

Davis Food Co-op, California

Neighbors United Food Coop, California

Kresge Food Co-op, California

Co-opportunity Consumers Co-op, California

Fort Collins Cooperative, Food Coop, Colorado

Mountain People's Co-op, Food Coop, Colorado

Boise Consumer Co-op, Idaho

Moscow Food Co-op, Idaho

Fruited Plain Cooperative Society (Buying Club), Illinois

Bloomington Market & Deli, Indiana

Maple City Market natural Foods Cooperative, Indiana

New Pioneer, Food co-op, Iowa

Oneota Community Food Co-op, Iowa

Frontier Cooperative Herbs, Iowa

People's Grocery Co-operative Exchange, Kansas

Monroe Good Food Group, Louisiana

Belfast Co-op, Maine

Bethesda Co-op, Maryland

Takoma Park Silver Spring Cooperative, Maryland

Green Fields Market, Massachusetts

People's Food Co-op (4th Ave.), Michigan

Hillsdale Natural Grocery, Michigan

B&W COOP, Michigan

Ypsilanti Food Coop, Michigan

Whole Foods Co-op, Minnesota

North Country Co-op, Minnesota

Wedge Community Co-op, Minnesota

Lakewinds Natural Foods, Minnesota

Mississippi Market Co-op, Minnesota

Community Food Co-op in Bozeman, Montana

The Panhandle Co-operative System, Nebraska

Open Harvest Natural Foods Co-op, Nebraska

Great Bay Food Co-operative, New Hampshire

Hanover Consumer Co-op, New Hampshire

George Street Coop, New Jersey

The Lexington Real Foods Community Co-op, New York

4th Street Food Co-op, New York

The Syracuse Real Food Co-operative, New York

Agway, New York

French Broad Food Co-op, North Carolina

Weaver Street Market, North Carolina

Ashland Community Food Store, Oregon

East End Food Co-op, Pennsylvania

Morningside Byuing Club, Tennessee

Wheatsville Food Co-op, Texas

Cowtown Natural Food Co-op, Texas

Brattleboro Food Co-op, Vermont

Northeast Cooperatives, inc., Vermont

Hunger Mountain Co-op, Vermont

Putney Food Co-op, Vermont

The Uncommom market food co-op, Virginia

Puget Consumers' Co-op - Kirkland, Washington

Central Co-op Grocery, Washington

Mifflin Street Community Co-op, Wisconsin

Williamson Street Grocery Co-operative, Wisconsin

North Farm Cooperative Distributor, Wisconsin

Outpost Natural Foods Co-op, Wisconsin

Co-operatives banks and Insurance co-ops

Chicago Mutual Housing Network

Cooperatives Federal Credit Union

NCB, National Cooperative Bank

Credit union organizations

Nationwide Mutual Insurance

Cooperative Life on the Web, Cooperative Development Institute, Ma

The Auburndale Co-operative Bank, Massachusetts

Electric co-operatives

Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative, California

Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association, Arizona

Colorado Rural Electric Association, Colorado

A R E A, Alabama rural electric association

Arkansas Electric Cooperatives Inc.

Delaware Electric Cooperative, Delaware

FECA, Florida electric cooperatives association

Florida Rural Electric Credit Union, Florida

Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives

Indiana Statewide Association of rural electric cooperatives inc.

IAEC , Iowa association of electric cooperatives

Association of Louisiana Electric Cooperatives

Minnesota Rural Electric Association

Electric Power Associations of Mississipi

North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation

North Dakota Association of Rural electric Cooperatives

Oklahoma's Electric Cooperatives

PREA - The Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association

Touchstone Energy, network of 550 electric cooperatives in 39 states

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Housing co-operatives

Inter-Cooperative Council

CNYC, Council of New-York Cooperatives and Condominiums

National Association of Housing Cooperatives

Intentional Communities

Workers co-operatives

The CoOPERAtive, New York


Circle Pines Center, Development Co-op, MI

Grassroots Economic Organizing: A newsletter about worker co-ops, economic democracy and sustainable businesses

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), Stock Options: The NCEO

Mad River Glen Cooperative

Kagan Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Communicator's Association

Key West Co-Operative , Florida

Resorts West Vacation Club


National Cooperative Business Association

Logan Telephone Cooperative, Kentucky

USDA, Programs for co-ops, OHIO

CHEQTEL Chequamegon, telephone co-operative, Wisconsin

Madison Community Cooperative, Wisconsin

Cooperatives Computer Centre, Florida

Kansas Cooperative Council, Kansas

Cooperative Development Institute (CDI)

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